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Summer Riding Program:
Summer Riding and Equine Program
for boys and girls ages 6 � 14 

Children of all levels, from first time riders to experienced horse owners have enjoyed participating in our Summer Riding Program. Together our experienced staff will take time and care to help build your child�s self-confidence and positive attitude while developing their riding skills, knowledge and sense of responsibility around horses. All students receive a riding lesson every day and participate in the regular care and maintenance of their horse through grooming and tacking, and cleaning the horse�s stall and equipment. All students will learn the basics about horse safety, breeds, colors, markings, parts of the horse, shoeing and feeding. More experienced children will learn about such things as showing, styles of riding, equipment, lameness, lunging, and judging conformation. As opportunities arise, veterinarians or other horse professionals will speak with the students.

CLOTHING:  Children will find jeans are not comfortable to ride in. A soft stretch pant with stirrups is best. Children should bring a change of clothes. We often bathe the horses after a ride and kids get wet, too.

SHOES:  We do not ride in sneakers. A shoe with a heel is safe. Riding sneakers with heels are ok.

HARD HATS:  No child will be allowed to ride without proper headgear. Only approved riding helmets will be accepted. NO BIKE HELMETS. We can purchase helmets at cost if you don�t have one.

LUNCHES:  Children will bring their own lunch and beverage. Refrigeration is available. The farm will offer snacks and drinks during the day and a barbecue on Fridays.

HOURS:  Please have your child at the farm by 9 am and be prompt about picking them up at 2 pm. There are riding lessons starting at 3:30. We can make arrangements for early arrivals and late pick-ups if you need them.

REGISTRATION:  Please remember to sign and fill out all necessary information found in the brochure and return it with your deposit. We are looking forward to having your child / children with us.

Thank you, Melissa Pogwizd