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Bits and Tales    

May 2014
Issue XXXI



- LOOKING FOR LOVE?  MEET ARTEMIS, a feline dreamboat.  

Arty is 4 1/2 years old, glossy black, affectionate, and possessive of his human, so he does best with no other pets.  His human had to leave the country for two years for her job, and Arty's current home has two other cats competing for attention, so Arty wants to move.  He is up to date on all shots.

Respond to this email for more details.


- GOT A WASHING MACHINE?  Our barn washing machine died peacefully of old age and we are looking for a replacement.  Let us know if you've upgraded and have a spare! 


Don't forget - we love to hear from you, and will include your show results or news whenever we can, so drop us a line at  More information on Blackhorse Equestrian Center is available on our website at   or by visiting us!
Featured Horse: Applause
This month, we're highlighting a fancy Morgan mare who is used to a lot of attention.  Applause, or Appe', has a long and successful career in show business, with racks of ribbons from a wide variety of competitions, including the Grand National & World Champion Morgan Horse Show held annually in Oklahoma City.  The photo above is of her competing at the Grand National & World Champion Morgan Horse Show with her human, Tom Pogwizd.
Born in 1989 to the Pogwizds' mare Casland Heidi and sired by the famous Morgan stallion Tug Hill Commando, Appe' trained as a driving horse and was regularly winning pleasure classes by the time she was five.  At six, she moved into Park Harness classes, where she once again brought home the ribbons.  
The American Morgan Horse Association states "The Park Morgan is expected to present a picture of great beauty, brilliance, animation, and elegance, either under saddle or in harness. The performance should reflect the innate vitality and distinctly energetic character of the breed. The Park Morgan should be collected, balanced, rhythmic, and precise at all times. While animation and presence are prerequisites, the horse should display a "poetry of motion" that is achieved by a combination of athletic ability and a willing attitude."  Appe' personified that for a show career that spanned fourteen years.
Still happily owned by Tom, Appe' resides in retirement at Blackhorse, where, if she sees you around, she'll demand the attention she knows is her due!
Photo Op for All


We are excited to be offering photography mini-sessions by professional photographer (and Blackhorse 
student!) Stephanie Anestis (  


Stephanie will photograph Blackhorse riders of all ages and skill levels in a series of mini-sessions on Saturday, June 7th.  Please sign up for your preferred time slot and leave a deposit of $50 by check made out to Stephanie Anestis Photography in the display in the viewing room - or respond to this email and we'll get you scheduled! 

The 15 minute sessions will run from 5 pm to 8 pm, when the light is the most beautiful.

There will be a minimum of 10 proofs to choose from and the full $50 will be applied to your order of prints, canvases, brag books, and/or digital images.  Special rates are being made available for this session.  
Stephanie is happy to talk to you in advance about what you'd like to do for your session! Anything is possible: riders in riding clothing or in street clothes, mid-jump or mid-snuggle, in the barn or in the field.  For riders wishing to model with a Blackhorse lesson horse, please coordinate with Melissa.


This is a wonderful opportunity for gifts and for documenting precious memories. If you have questions or requests, email Stephanie at

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