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March 2014
Issue XXIX
- Some horses are available for lease at Blackhorse for those who want to build a partnership but aren't ready to purchase.   Our featured Pony Without a Partner this month is a young bright chestnut gelding, Karat.  Karat is an energetic veteran of the Governor's Horse Guard who was released from service during a recent downsizing.  
See Melissa for details.
Don't forget - we love to hear from you, and will include your show results or news whenever we can, so drop us a line at Blackhorseequestriancenter@ .  More information on Blackhorse Equestrian Center is available on our website at   or by visiting us!
Featured Profile: Merry

Moira, known as "Merrylegs" or just "Merry" at Blackhorse, visits us from SJ Riding Camp during their off season.  Several of her companions from the camp winter at Blackhorse, where they vacation as lesson horses or are leased by a rider who is testing horse ownership.  In her first winter with us, Merry has proven to be a popular lesson horse, continuing the reputation she's earned at SJ.
Born in 1994 at SJ, Merry was a surprise bonus.  Her mother wintered away from SJ, and returned from her winter vacation expecting a foal.  Merry was born and trained at SJ, and has been a favorite there ever since.
And now, for at least part of the year, Merry is a favorite at Blackhorse!  
Snow Delay
Yes, this IS the March newsletter.  We had a snow delay while March was "going out like a lamb" - a fanged, carnivorous, vicious April Fools lamb - 
IEA: Congratulations!  
This year, three riders from Blackhorse's Interscholastic Equestrian Association Team moved to the Regional competition.  Although no one on our team qualified for Zone finals, all three of our qualifying riders all came home with ribbons from the 2013 IEA Regional Finals at Folly Farm on 3/2/14. 
Lucy Andersen placed 6th in Varsity Open Equitation Flat (High School) Sasha Cabin placed 3rd in Junior Varsity Beginner Equitation Flat (High School) Klee Hellerman placed 5th in both her classes: Future Intermediate Equitation Flat (Middle School) and Future Intermediate Equitation Over Fences (Middle School) 
IEA riders compete in classes on the flat and over fences, and do not need to own a horse.  The host team arranges for the horses and equipment used at the show.  Competitors have only a short time to work with the horses they will ride.  Scores earned are based upon horsemanship and equitation, not the horse.  
A non-profit organization, the IEA has grown each year since it began in 2001 with just 200 student-riders and 62 finalists participating in the first Nationals. This year, the IEA has over 8,000 student-riders on hundreds of teams across North America. 
Congratulations all around!
And remember, it's not too early to think about joining this year's team - see Melissa about how to prepare yourself!
Summer Program: Register Now!
It will be warm and sunny before we know it - and that means now is the time to register for the Summer Program!  More information is available in the viewing room and on the website - or by responding to this email.
There is a change, there will be no summer program the week of August 4-8.
Dressage 4 Kids Date Change
D4K's Youth Dressage Festival in Saugerties, NY, has been moved from July 11-13 to August 8-10.  All other dates regarding deadlines remain the same.  Plan accordingly!
Dressage 4 Kids Art Contest 
A drawing or photo by anyone under 21 will be chosen for the cover of the Show Program.  The artist does not have to be entered in the show.  Other artwork submitted but not chosen for the cover will also be included inside the Program.  Drawings may be mailed or sent electronically.  All drawings should be no larger than 8" x 11", must be vertical (the the front of a book) and in black/white.  Color photots may be submitted but will be printed in black/white. Photos must be vertical and sent electronically at 300dpi at 100% of the size; if it is a smaller photo, the resolution needs to be higher.  Do not include words or numbers in drawings, but do sign them at the bottom.  Include you name, hometown and age written on the back of the drawings or in the email.  Snail mail to: Margaret Freeman, 200 Aurora Lane, Tryon, NC 28782 or email
Happy Birthday to Tempy!
Barn favorite Tempy turns 30 this year on May 3rd.  Join us for cake and refreshments in the viewing room at 6:30 pm on Saturday, May 3rd to help celebrate.  Happy Birthday, Tempy - and many more!  
Joke of the Month

The Horse Buyer's Dictionary (or, How to Interpret that Ad):
Should mature to 16.2hh.......Currently 13.2hh, dam is
14.2hh, sire is 15.1hh, every horse in his pedigree for 10
generations is under 15hh-but this horse will defy his DNA.
Arab....................Looks startled
Thoroughbred.....Looks terrified
Pony....................Small and hairy
Warmblood..........Big and hairy
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